Update 27-07-2020

After a lot of testing and test-topics, with some help of the actual coder of certain things, we got it working!
- I introduce the new creature plugin!
This means, I'VE HAVE added "MONSTERHUNT", YES! AS IN THE game to the forum.
Whenever you create a thread in most "Offtopic" boards, you can add monsters! You can only attack it by replying! :piratelaugh:
So far there is only a few monsters, but there will be more! Funny, goofy and dangerous monsters! I will let EVILGRINS be in control too! WATCH OUT!
You die? You get banned of the forum! ( joke :P )

So what did I more?!
- Added more clearance to forum, lessen the blinding colors.(not finished)
- The forum more calm to read.
- Icons

I aint even finished yet! hope results are to yeerrrrrrrrr likings!

Now onto sweeping the deck.

this on top test.

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by Hook
Greylox Avatar
Well poo. The patch broke my game. I get sound and the very top header but the rest of the page is black

Of course you made a backup of your ut99 folder, as they suggest in the ReadMe file, correct?
I did mention this problem of yours to the coders and others. (on discord)

So far, one reply from a random member was "Click on your ESC key to play" B-|

I personally am waiting a while on applying this new patch. ;)
Stay tuned ...
by Greylox
Well poo. The patch broke my game. I get sound and the very top header but the rest of the page is black
by Hook
The Long awaited New UT99 version 469 patch is here!
It was Released to the public Today, Tuesday 9/22/2020.
Officially: v469a patch

I updated the first post in this thread with the Link, etc.

I will be posting more details here about the new v469a ut99 patch with any pertinent, valuable information as I receive it.
I will also be posting a step by step installation tutorial for new players of ut99 in the near future, after I verify a few things.

NOTE: I personally am waiting a while on applying this new patch. -

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HUTP UT99 Community News / Announcements ... by Hook
:ahoysign:Our Mission or intention here at HUTP is to make the running of this site more of a group/staff effort.
To bring more FUN to our members and also to the greater UT99 Community.
Also, hopefully, we can bring HUTP back into its former glory of mainstream UT99, if it isn't already.

The turtles have hatched! ...

Video of the baby turtles being released into the wild, to come ... 😉
:chachacha: I became a GREAT GRANDFATHER today - Monday 7/20/2020 @ 1:30 am CST! :D

:coffeeread:  I actually saw a Google ad Friday  7/10, about a new Movie coming out in 2021 called "Monster Hunt" - Yeah baby! :nod:

:ahoysign:  Epic Games Receives Strategic Investment from Sony Corporation ...
"Sony Corporation and Epic Games announce that Sony has agreed to make a strategic investment of $250 million to acquire a minority interest in Epic."

:coffeeread: We will be ADDING more Affiliate servers to our HUTP server listings very soon! :thumbup:

:ahoysign: Unreal Engine 5 Demoed on PlayStation 5, Amazing New Lighting and Modeling Tech Shown ...

:arrow: :linksign: Click for Full Story

:ahoysign: UltimaProtos Nuclear Explosion in UT v469 (Nali Weapons 3 - Max Settings) ...

:arrow: :linksign: Click for Full Story

New Atari VCS Consoles soon to be out!
Should be ready to ship by Mid-June 2020. :thumbup:

:ahoysign: Still Lots Happening at HUTP ...
We Continue working on Better ways and Solutions to serve the UT99 Community!
Make our ut99 community More FUN!!! :yay:
We are currently brainstorming and experimenting with some new configurations here at HUTP.
We have been, and will continue to try out new ideas and features, and install them, in the coming days.
As I said, we brought back our Portal Page feature, but that inspired me to do even more.
I will be trying out some new configurations of Specialized  Aditional Informational type pages that I believe will be really helpful, useful and fun for us all!

We Have Already Been Making and Implementing these changes Virtually each day - Can you spot them?

Anything that we can do to improve our UT99 Community here at HUTP! :D

Check out our Current New PORTAL Page at HUTP ... (Yes, we brought it back after years without it) :applause:
It is Now permanent!

:arrow: READ More Here: New Things at HUTP 

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